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Judith was the Executive Director of CREN from 1997-2003. CREN is a non-profit higher education member organization that founded Bitnet in 1981 and provided IT Knowledge Services and Certificate Authority services supporting research and educational institution. The CREN TechTalks series was the first audio webcasts served over the web, being launched in 1997. Judith served as the program director of this series and cohost of these audio webcast series with Howard Strauss of Princeton. Before joining CREN, Dr. Boettcher was a faculty member in Educational Research of the College of Education and the director of the Office of Interactive Distance Learning at Florida State University.

From 1990-1995 Judith was the Director of Education Technology Services at Penn State University. This unit supported faculty in their use of technology to improve teaching and learning. While at Penn State, Judith chaired the university-wide Technology Classroom committee group that designed and developed over 50 technology classrooms. While at Penn State, she also served as the project leader for the Educational Uses of Information Technology (EUIT) Joe Wyatt Challenge that identified 101 Success Stories in Information Technology, and helped to launch system-wide services at Penn State supporting faculty in their effective and innovative uses of technology for instruction.

Judith is very active in national professional organizations, having served on conference planning committees for EUIT, Syllabus, as a member of the Board of Directors of Seminars on Academic Computing, a member of the ACTL committee for EDUCAUSE, and as a conference chair for Syllabus. She is a Syllabus Scholar and regularly writes columns for the Syllabus magazine and conducts workshops on designing and planning online and distance learning. Many of these columns have been reprinted in other journals and yearbooks. Judith has presented at many national professional meetings, including EDUCAUSE, NERCOMP, SAC, and the League for Innovation, and is a frequently invited keynote speaker for faculty uses of technology programs. She is on the advisory board for the on line journal, The Technology Source.

Judith is the lead author of A Faculty Guide for Moving Teaching and Learning to the Web, and a co-editor with Mary M. Doyle, and Richard W. Jensen of Technology-Driven Planning: Principles to Practice, published by the Society for College and University Planning in 2000. Another publication is a chapter on How Much Does it Cost to Put a Course Online? It all Depends in Dollars, Distance, and Online Education: The New Economics of College Teaching and Learning. Edited by M. J. F. Finkelstein, Carol; Jewett, Frank I; Scholz, Bernhard W. Phoenix, AZ, American Council on Education. The most recent publications include Design Levels for Distance and Online Learning, in Discenza, R., Howard, C. & Schenk, K., Eds. Distance Learning and University Effectiveness: Changing Educational Paradigms for Online Learning. Idea Group Publishing, in press and an article on Course Management Systems in the July 2003 issue of Syllabus.


Judith has a Ph.D. in education and cognitive psychology from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s degree in English from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. Her undergraduate degree is also from Marquette University with majors in Spanish and English and Education.


  • Integration of technology into the instructional processes of teaching and learning
  • Distance learning and distance learning partnerships
  • Cognitive psychology
  • The change process within higher education institutions


  • Spouse: Gilbert W. Boettcher
  • Daughter: Eileen M. Boettcher, who works at MITRE in Washington D. C.
  • Daughter: Katherine J. Boettcher at the University of Maine
  • Daughter: Diane C. Boettcher, who is a webmaster in Maryland.
    A beautiful, talented and creative woman, who, as my webmaster, has an inordinate amount of control over what you see here.
  • Son: Raymond F. Boettcher living and working in Minneapolis


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