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Past Publications and Seminars ... Fall 2003

Instructional Design for the Web Space, a full-day seminar as part of the Syllabus fall2003 Conference [syllabus.com] in Boston, December 8-10, 2003.

This seminar is designed for faculty, faculty support personnel and administrators responsible for the design of online learning programs and initiatives. This seminar is an opportunity for faculty, faculty support personnel and administrators to explore the key issues, technology tools, and processes for designing and delivering online and distance learning programs. The key processes include developing a framework for design, exploring core learning principles, and identifying the steps in preparing courses and learning experiences for the Web and online virtual spaces. Some of the key issues include managing administrative challenges of costs, time and infrastructure needs for online learning such as faculty workload, training, and course development strategies.

Seminars and Presentations on Teaching and Learning — Topics for Planning and Development

Are you planning programs and events for your faculty, for your academic leaders, for staff support, for your boards? Consider a strategic and practical session focused on one of these topics:

  • Designing for teaching and learning online
  • Core learning principles — whether on campus or online
  • Teaching and learning with media rich students and media challenged faculty and systems — Can we bridge the gap?
  • Strategic planning of programs — what to consider before taking the plunge into online learning
  • Preparing for the future — what will teaching and learning look like in 2010?

The best way to reach me to discuss planning and availability for these events is via email, at "judith" followed by designingforlearning.org. Information about honoraria and expenses and general arrangements is available via email or phone.

Examples of keynote topics and presentations from the last two-three years:

  • April 2003 — Discussion/Seminar for Faculty support/development group on "Learning Technologies and Learning Principles: What's Next and What Works? Description of Seminar: This seminar focused on emerging trends in learning technologies, such as ubiquitous computing, complex discipline resources, and others that will likely have significant impact on the design of learning, and the design of our future campuses.Technologies in the absence of learning principles can be fun and interesting, but not necessarily
    effective for learning; in the second part of the seminar, we'll discuss how to link the possibilities of the learning technologies
    to core learning principles to get the most value for effective and efficient learning and teaching.
  • October 2000 Presentation as part of a campus faculty technology day in conjunction with publishers and a fauclty support center. Topic: "Meaningful Learning: Can We Have It Everywhere and Anywhile?"
  • June 2000 Keynote presentation as part of an Annual Faculty Development Day. "New Patterns in Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century." This presentation focused on a set of seven (7) trends and patterns that will likely be part of a reshaping of the higher education teaching and learning environment. This presentation included topics such as the time and costs in designing learning
    for the new environment.

Archival Keynote Topics and Presentations:

  • Sept 1997 The Beginning of the Tales: Issues in Distance Learning This presentation is a compilation of a number of presentations in 1996-97 for faculty and administrators on reconceptualizing Distance and Online Learning


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