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Judith's publications and writings in the area of technology, teaching and learning are known for their strategic and practical values. She has been a regular contributor in the Syllabus magazine and has edited and written publications for many higher education organizations, including CREN, SCUP, EDUCAUSE, CAUSE and the League for Innovation.

The League for Innovation's publication:
The Faculty Guide for Moving Teaching and Learning to the Web

As a Syllabus Scholar, Dr. Boettcher teaches seminars in Issues in Distance Learning and authors columns on distance learning in the Syllabus magazine. Here are some of the columns and some of the resources used in the seminars

Distance Learning: A Faculty FAQ

Boettcher, Judith & Rita Marie Conrad

Faculty are surrounded by opportunities and demands to redesign their courses for delivery on the Web or for distance learning. How should they respond, especially when so many questions prevail about the use of existing and emerging technology for distance education? This FAQ is a primer for faculty facing both the promise and the challenge of distance learning.

During this time of rapid change, it is actually somewhat presumptuous to set forth "answers" to questions about distance learning. So it is our hope that this FAQ will serve as a touchstone for discussions by faculty. No matter what higher education institutions ultimately do, the outcome of an interactive distance learning initiative will be to expand access and learning. Faculty should help shape that future.

This FAQ has six sections, the first of which is an introduction defining what distance learning might be, given the potential of new interactive technologies. The next three sections address the design, development, and delivery of distance learning programs. The fifth section address the role of technology, and the last section serves a catch-all for a few of the remaining questions. Recognizing the prominence of global networking and telecommunications via the Internet, this FAQ focuses primarily on distance learning delivered on the Web.



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