Audio Format of Online Teaching Survival Guide is Now Available

Just in time for faculty development programs this fall, the audio version of the The Online Teaching Survival Guide: Simple and Practical Pedagogical Tips, 2nd Edition is now available at three audio sites:

  1. Audible:
  2.  Audiobooks:
  3. Google Play:

While I cannot promise that it is a “page-turner” each of the tips might be enjoyed in about seven to ten minutes in those short attention spans while walking, driving or even cooking. (I still remember stirring and burning spaghetti sauce while holding a book, attempting to read with four children at my feet, many years ago. This was before audio books were so readily available. )

A detailed table of contents is at the link above, but here are some highlights.

  • Chapter 3: Best Practices for Teaching Online: Ten Plus Four (Note: A great basic chapter of being a great online teacher
  • Chapter 6: Phase 1: Course Beginnings (17 CB tips)
  • Chapter 7: Phase 2: Keeping the Ball Rolling in the Early Middle (16 EM Tips)
  • Chapter 8:Phase 3: Letting Go of Power in the Late Middle (15 LM Tips)
  • Chapter 9:Phase 4: Pruning, Reflecting, and Wrapping Up (9 CW Tips)
  • Chapter 10: Teaching Accelerated Intensive Courses (5 IC Tips)  These tips focus on meeting the challenge of designing concentrated short intensive courses. Might be a great topic for lunch time faculty gatherings.

Note: I hope you all will forgive this brief commercial, but I am very excited about how this audio version will make the content more accessible to new online faculty and as reminder idea trove for experienced faculty. Let me know what you think!