Writings and Publications

Writings and Publications

My writings on technology, teaching and learning are generally known for their strategic and practical value.  As a regular contributor to the Syllabus Magazine (now  Campus Technology) for over 15 years during the early years of online learning, many seminal topics have been revisited over the years.  Also, I have had the pleasure of working with many colleagues, editing and writing publications for many higher education organizations including EDUCAUSE,  SCUP, the League for Innovation and Information Science References.

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This section features  the most recent edition of the Online Teaching Survival Guide and the library of tips.

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Most referenced writings

Online Development Time and Costs

Here are some of the resources addressing the costs involved in redesigning courses for the online environment.   Some of these have been published; others are simply unpublished works designed for helping to plan projects.

  • Boettcher, J. V. (2000). How Much Does it Cost to Put a Course Online?  It all Depends. In M. J. Finkelstein, C. Frances, F. I. Jewett, & B. W. Scholz (Eds.), Dollars, Distance, and Online Education:  The New Economics of College Teaching and Learning (pp. pp. 172-197). Phoenix, AZ: American Council on Education/Oryx Press.
  • Development Time, Costs and Instructional Design of a Web Course
  • Countdown Guide for Planning Online/Distance Degrees
  • Boettcher, J. V. (2004) Online Course Development: What Does It Cost? Syllabus (Now Campus Technology) 17.
  • How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Distance Learning Course?

Early Writings for Faculty Teaching Online

Here are some of my early writings on moving teaching and learning to the web/or as we now like to say, to the online environment.  These writings and slide shows were designed to help faculty and staff think about the new way of teaching and learning.

Archived Presentations

  • Sept 1997 — The Beginning of the Tales: Issues in Distance Learning: This presentation is a compilation of a number of presentations in 1996-97 for faculty and administrators on reconceptualizing Distance and Online Learning. Note:  This was very early in the shift and adoption of online learning.
  • Boettcher, Judith & Fell, Susan (1997). Turning the University Inside-Out: Launching Distance Learning Presented at ICDE Meeting, June 1997, Penn State University