Consulting and Speaking

Consulting and Speaking

Judith is semi-retired, but still available for occasional consulting, speaking and writing engagements, such as webinars, workshops and interviews.

Consulting on Online Program and Course Design

Judith consults on the design of online programs and the courses within programs.  In this consulting practice, she reviews courses that are currently offered in campus programs for a transition to online environments and assists in the design of courses in new online programs.   She brings many years of experience to working individually with faculty and staff at  major research universities as well as baccalaureate and comprehensive institutions, and community colleges.

Speaking, Webinars and Workshops

Some of her recent webinars and workshops include support of faculty development efforts at an Australian institution of higher learning, nursing faculty in Missouri, and as a guest speaker for a colleague teaching at a distance learning course in Illinois.  An upcoming engagement is part of a launching event for a year-long faculty development program using The Online Teaching Survival Guide: Simple and Practical Pedagogical Tips.

Note: I am currently living in Tallahassee FL (Eastern Time Zone).  The best way to reach me to discuss planning and availability for these events is via email, at judith followed by Information about honoraria and expenses and general arrangements is available via phone.

Judith’s colleague and coauthor, Rita-Marie Conrad is currently at UC Berkeley.

Past Publications and Seminars

Here are some of the topics of past seminars focusing on strategic and practical approaches to online teaching and learning.

  • Designing for teaching and learning online
  • Best Practices – now 14 — for teaching and assessment online
  • Core learning principles — for designing learning on campus or online
  • Designing for the  Four Phases of Any Course
  • Strategic planning of programs — what to consider before taking the plunge into online learning

More Examples of Keynote Topics and Presentations

  • Seminar for faculty support on “Learning Technologies and Learning Principles: What’s Next and What Works?” Description of Seminar: This seminar focused on emerging trends in learning technologies, such as ubiquitous computing, complex discipline resources, and other trends that will likely have significant impact on the design of learning, and the design of our future campuses. Technologies in the absence of learning principles can be fun and interesting, but not necessarily effective for learning; we’ll discuss how to link the possibilities of the learning technologies to core learning principles to get the most value for effective and efficient learning and teaching.
  • Presentation as part of a campus faculty technology day in conjunction with publishers and a fauclty support center. Topic: “Meaningful Learning: Can We Have It Everywhere and Any While?”
  • Keynote presentation as part of an Annual Faculty Development Day. “New Patterns in Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century.” This presentation focused on a set of seven (7) trends and patterns that will likely be part of a reshaping of the higher education teaching and learning environment. This presentation included topics such as the time and costs in designing learning for the new environment.