The Online Teaching Survival Guide

Simple and Practical Pedagogical Tips

Published by Jossey-Bass, this book organizes and updates many of the e-coaching tips from this website, providing a valuable resource for any faculty grappling with developing and delivering any blended or online program. Many faculty support centers and programs are using this book as part of their faculty development programs.

The Online Teaching Survival Guide: Simple and Practical Pedagogical Tips is available at Wiley, Amazon and Google Play.  This guide is now (2019) available as an audiobook at,  and Audible and Google Play:

Also look for the book by co-author Rita Marie Conrad and Ana Donaldson, Continuing to Engage the Online Learner

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The Ten Best Practices for Teaching Online

Ten Best Practices for Teaching Online
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99 Tips for Online Learning

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Four Habits for Sanity and Productivity when Teaching and Learning at Home
March 24, 2020

It is easy to lose track of time when teaching and learning at home. Before you know it, it is lunch time, and then time for getting outside and moving around and soon the sun is setting, and you have accomplished almost nothing!

Here are four quick suggestions for everyone — age 7 to 75. This is really quick, so please comment and make suggestions.

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