Team Charter Templates

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Do your students moan when you assign a team project or design an assignment requiring even simple peer review or collaboration?  Do they envision challenges such as “doing all the work themselves” or working with a “difficult” or absent team member? This happens in life, everywhere, so what can be done?   Team projects, even small teams such as 2-3 members, always face challenges. A team charter can help by clarifying roles and responsibilities, expectations, preferred tools and time for working. A charter also sets out agreements on the responsibilities and practices for collaborating successively. This posting contains a team charter template that can be adapted for simple or complex team projects. Late Middle Tip 9 in Chapter 8 in the Online Teaching Survival Guide suggested that students who are tasked with working on projects…
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When it is Tough to Stay Focused… How to Motivate Myself

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Staying focused when learning or working at home can be difficult. What can you do to keep yourself motivated?  All of us from young to very old have to do stuff sometimes that we would prefer not to do. How many of us get excited about cleaning? About grocery shopping?  About doing taxes? About reading a very boring, uninteresting Ukrainian novel for a class or a book club. Or about reading history, chemistry, physics, or nutrition textbooks? Some reading has engaging, enjoying, interesting ideas, characters and plots; others don’t.  Some of our writing assignments can be really tough to get started on and then to actually do. For teachers, reading essay after essay after essay can vary from uplifting to stimulating to discouraging.     So how can you motivate yourself to do tough,…
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