Make a Date with Your Mind

LEARNING TIP #1 – Setting a Schedule

A top priority for success in anything you do is to schedule time for it. If you want to learn, if you want to get good grades, schedule time for studying. So, your very first college task is to create a weekly schedule for yourself. Block out all the essentials. Including time for sleep because that is when your brain consolidates new information! Anything important should go on your calendar, including enjoying making friends and having fun.

It is so easy to say to yourself regarding studying, or writing papers, “Oh, I can do it tomorrow.” That is your Charlie Brown talking. If you say that, you may find that “tomorrow” never comes and all of a sudden you are in terrible crunch mode. Essentials to block out include your classes of course, then healthy eating, not too much, not too little. Exercising, because increasing oxygen to your brain increases your smartness, too.

Now for a very important rule that has been around a very long time. I don’t know if this is still recommended practice, but you can check with your faculty or advisors. The rule is this — For every hour you are in class, you should schedule two hours of study time. This means if you are taking 16 credits, that your weekly schedule should be 16 + 32 or a 48 hour week to focus on your classes and study time. Lab hours can be counted a little differently, as lab hours are often study hours for science courses.

So what might a normal week schedule look like? Let me try to find a couple of samples, or maybe you can offer yours up for me to add to this blog.

Remember if you think “oh, I can do it anytime, you might find that you never find time to do it!

Create your weekly calendar for the fall term today!

One of my grandchildren shared the beginnings of her fall calendar… She plans on filling in those other times for sleeping, eating, playing, studying! Good luck to all of you new-entering first year students!

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