Pizza Practice Time

Learning Tip #3 November 28 2022

Studying for Finals?  Here’s a fun and quick way to check how well you know what you think you know.

Go out for a pizza with two friends – Invite one friend who is taking the same course, and another friend who is not.  Let’s call one friend, the Knowing Friend and the other the Unknowing Friend.  Or call one Wise and the other Naive. Or…

Before going out, prepare five questions on the knowledge you are working on mastering. As you are waiting for the pizza, send the questions to your two friends. 

The next step is to ask your Unknowing Friend to ask you a question. As you explain the idea, concept or example,  see if your Unknowing friend understands what you are saying.  If you can say it clearly enough for your friend to understand, then you likely understand the content well. If you can’t say it clearly enough for your Unknowing Friend to see the light, then you might want to go back and revisit the content and try again..  Of course the reason you have your Knowing friend with you is for backup, clarification and mutual understanding and practice.  Usually this type of practice will show you what you know and what you don’t know. 

This type of practice is also super valuable  because you are using your voice which confirms the knowledge.

PS  Be sure to take clear notes as to what your next step will be to ensure that you understand the information or concepts clearly enough to explain it to someone else. 

PPS.  This ideas is from the quote: “If you can’t say it clearly, you don’t understand it yourself.”  John Searle, American Philosopher

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