Developing Metacognition: “Tea for Teaching” Audio Episode

Many students new to college have relatively little understanding of how they learn or what good reading or study skills are. In this “Tea for Teaching” episode, I join John Kane and Rebecca Mushtare from SUNY-Oswego in discussing how well structured project-based or problem-based learning activities can help students develop their metacognitive skills so that they become more successful learners.

We begin with answering the question, “Just what is metacognition?” and then go on to discuss how we might coach and teach metacognitive skills — a skill we probably should be teaching at all grade levels.

Here is the link for this episode — Tea for Teaching 98. It is about 45 minutes and an easy listen while you are walking or driving. You may want to explore the references under “Show Notes” and topics of the other 99 episodes now available!

You may want to quiz yourself on these questions: How would you define metacognition? What skills are in your set of metacognitive skills?